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Services Designed to Make your Job Easier!

Shaben & Associates will introduce you to innovative programs that can save time and money. We help you find the right vendors to partner with to meet your association’s special needs. We assign a licensed Community Association Manager to work directly for your Board of Directors to oversee operations and financial matters; developing budgets and monitoring their status; managing staff and maintenance needs; creating community newsletters, websites, and so much more.


  • Full Service Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Architectural Support
  • Administrative Support
  • Vendor Relations Support
  • Communications

Our Full Service Management Package is designed to completely address your association’s needs. A number of the things we do are the so-called “intangibles,” the pro-active things that make living easier for both the Board of Directors and the homeowners. The following is the minimum service you can expect to receive when choosing the full service package:

  • Collect dues, fees, and assessments in the name of the Association and deposit all funds into a secured custodial FDIC insured account set up for the Association.
  • Review all invoices before payment for accuracy, pay invoices when due, and take any allowable discounts. Act upon, with the approval of the Board of Directors, any areas where cost cutting can be achieved.
  • Furnish to the Board of Directors a monthly income and expense report complete with an itemized list of disbursements, operating account balances, and list of delinquent homeowners.
  • Review delinquent owners each month and take whatever action possible to remedy those delinquencies.
  • Advise the Board of Directors of any legal action we should take to collect funds due the Association and the appropriate way to take such action.
  • Assist the treasurer in the preparation of an annual budget, along with line item explanations where needed, for approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Assist in the preparation of long range planning, for budgeting necessary reserves for large capital expenses, to avoid special assessments.
  • Assist in the specifications for projects such as grounds maintenance, painting, service contracts, etc., and obtain bids for review and acceptance by the Board of Directors.
  • Supervise and communicate with contractors to maintain quality work, cost control, and timely performance.
  • Keep accurate and comprehensive records, and maintain an individual file for each owner to contain all correspondence and work request.
  • Prepare, as needed, any information for attorneys, auditors,or accountants.

Annual Budget Preparation

Assist Board of Directors in preparation of the annual budget to reflect all known and anticipated income and expenses. The management agent will analyze and compare the current year with the proposed budget. Year to date analysis is done monthly.

Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements

All pertinent monthly financial statements will be prepared and delivered to the Board of Directors.

Annual Assessment Collection

All necessary actions to collect the annual assessment will be taken by the management agent. These will usually include mailing the bills, overseeing the posting of receipts and mailing delinquency notices and initiating the appropriate action with legal counsel when necessary. A monthly statement will be provided of collection status.

HOA/Developer Disbursements

The Management Agent will make all necessary disbursements.

Maintenance of Financial Files

All accounting and related financial statements are maintained for a minimum of seven (7) years

Tax Preparation

Assistance is given to the designated CPA for the preparation of annual tax statements for both State and Federal Returns.

Routine Property Inspections

The management agent will make routine inspections of the community. Based on these inspections, recommendations will be made for repair and maintenance of any deficiencies observed. A monthly status report will be provided to the board.

Architectural Modification Control

The management agent will monitor, approve and or deny requests of homeowners to make architectural modifications to their property. The agent will follow the Association’s established guidelines for approving or denying modifications. The agent will be responsible for distributing written notification to the homeowner of the decision. Violation letters will also be sent to homeowners who fail to comply with the Association Architectural Guidelines. On the scheduled drive thru the agent will check for violations throughout the community. The Board will be provided a monthly log of Modifications and Violations.

Maintenance of all Architectural Related Files

The management agent will maintain copies of all architectural modification packets, any associated correspondence, violation letters, architectural modification logs and violation logs.

Assist Legal Counsel

The management agent will be the liaison for the Board to the Association’s legal counsel as necessary to enforce Association by-laws, covenants, conditions and restrictions. This includes the filing of liens on delinquent properties or pursuing court action to collect past due monies and fines. The agent will also coordinate information with closing attorneys regarding assessments on residential sales.

Monthly Management Reports

A Monthly Management Report will be provided covering all areas of responsibility.

Emergency Call System

An “after hours” emergency call system is available for resident calls and emergency maintenance requests.

Administrative Services

The management agent will coordinate the day to day administrative activities for the Association to ensure a functional Board/ Management/ Homeowner relationship. These activities include:

  • Provide new homeowners with a complete set of governing documents for the Association.
  • Maintain a current resident list for the Association and all general association files.
  • Meeting with Board of Directors as needed to review the status of community issues.

Competitive Bids

The management agent will solicit competitive bids for all service contracts. A detailed comparison of the bids will be provided to the Board of Directors to assure that the Association is getting the best value for their money.

Certification of Contractors

The management agent will ensure that all contractors performing work for the association have valid insurance coverage and the appropriate business licenses before commencement of any work is approved.

Contract Price Negotiation

Once the vendor list has been approved, the management agent will contact each vendor being considered and negotiate the “best price” for the Association.

Vendor Selection

The management agent will make any or all selections of vendors as delegated by the Association.

Verification and Monitoring of Services

The management agent is responsible for verifying that all the services that were contracted for have been completed prior to making any disbursements to the vendor. The agent will also review the contractor’s work and recommend any changes foreseen to provide future efficiency and or lower maintenance costs.

Maintenance of Vendor Files

The management agent will maintain files of all vendors that have been solicited for services. These will include bid proposals, correspondences, all executed contracts, corresponding insurance documents and W-9 forms.